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International Sound Art Festival Berlin 2012
Oktober 11 - 28, 2012 at Mitte Museum, Bibliothek am Luisenbad and other public spaces

Concerts - Sound exhibition – Symposium - Soundwalks

International Sound Art Festival Berlin 2012 focusses on a very special issue, the most intimate and intuitive way to express oneself through sound: the voice. The human voice is not only an essential part of each and every communication, but also the oldest musical instrument. It expresses since ever most spontaneously, natural und precisely emotions, quite directly as well as artfully formed and modulated. At the same time it is the most important tool to analyze and define matters of the world semantically in a powerful and extremely complex way, if desired. Most seemingly no other instrument can be used (= encoded and decoded/experienced) in such multiple and profound ways as the human voice.
International Sound Art Festival Berlin 2012 approaches the phenomenon through concerts/artistic sound performances, an interactive sound exhibition, through soundwalks and a symposium, which are connected conceptionally counterpointing the field of interest. A focus will be set to the quality of authenticity and to the worlds of experimental noise and environmental sound.

Thomas Gerwin (Artistic Director)



Thursday - October 11, 2012 (Mitte Museum)
19:00 Soundwalk with Dr. Michael Schenk
20:00 Opening with Sabine Weißler (Bezirksstadträtin Berlin-Mitte) and Kerstin Sittner-Hinz (Dir. Mitte Museum/BA-FB Geschichte), Lecture: Dr. Ulrike Liedtke (Dir. Musikakademie Rheinsberg)
20:30 CONCERT 1
Alex Nowitz (Voice artist with New Media/Cooperation with STEIM Amsterdam) works from Alex Nowitz (World Premiere) and Thomas Gerwin (WP). Nowitz plays his new digital instrument “Strophonion“

Sunday - October 14, 2012 (Mitte Museum)
14h Soundwalk with Dr. Michael Schenk
Frieder Butzmann (voice and radio artist) with a new programm„Stimmen der Zeit – Zeit stimmen“ WP

Thursday - October 18, 2012 (Mitte Museum)
19h Soundwalk with Dr. Michael Schenk
I.„Music for Loudspeaker“ (electroacoustic music including voice) works from Luciano Berio, John Cage, Thomas Gerwin, Sten Hanson, Ralf Hoyer, Nicolas Wiese
II.Christian Kesten (Stimmkünstler und -Performer) works von Dieter Schnebel, Christian Kesten

Friday - October 19, 2012 (Bibliothek am Luisenbad)
20h CONCERT 4 "KlangWelten ad hoc special –- Shakespeare sounds" with Ellen Hünigen

Sunday - October 21, 2012 (Mitte Museum)
14h Symposium with Prof. Dr. Christa Brüstle and the artist, "Interjection" by BIT (dance/voice/sound with Britta Pudelko, Ingo Reulecke, Thomas Gerwin), "Density" with Hartmut Soergel
17h Soundwalk (with TG.)

Thursday - October 25, 2012 (Mitte Museum)
19h Soundwalk with Dr. Michael Schenk
I. "60x60 Voice-Mix" (International ars acoustica referring to "10 Years 60x60" Dir. Robert Voisey, NYC), elektroacustic miniatures by members of BVNM e.V.
II. Katia Guedes (soprano) works from Martin Daske (WP), Charlotte Seither (WP), Susanne Stelzenbach (WP), Helmut Zapf (WP)

Sunday, 28. October 2012 (Mitte Museum) "Finissage"
with Ulrike Sowodniok (experimental voice) solo and with „Choir of Noise Berlin“ sound excursion out on the street and back

>> Interactive Sound Exhibition at Mitte Museum
(Open: Sunday-Wednesday 10:00-17:00, Thursday 10:00-20:00)

Artistic Director: Thomas Gerwin

Mitte Museum, Regionalgeschichtliches Museum fuer Mitte, Tiergarten und Wedding
Pankstr.47, 13357 Berlin, U-Pankstraße (Underground Station)

Bibliothek am Luisenbad, Travemuender Str.2, 13357 Berlin, U-Pankstraße (Underground Station)

Public locations in Berlin (Bundestag, Potsdamer Platz, Kulturforum etc.)
„Flashmobs“ are announced shortly before at the Internet

Reservation: +49-(0)30-39741734 or mail@inter-art-project.de

Production: inter art project in cooperation with Mitte Museum Berlin, Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv Frankfurt/Main, RBB Kulturradio, Electronic Music Foundation New York, STEIM Amsterdam, 60x60 New York, Universität der Künste Berlin, Brandenburgischer Verein für Neue Musik BVNM e.V.

With friendly support from Bezirkskulturfonds Berlin-Mitte and Initiative Neue Musik Berlin (inm).